Monologues for kids/Teens

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About the website:

I created this website to help young aspiring actors like myself to gain more experience in speaking to an audience as well as to prepare others for auditions and to help people with public speaking as I believe monologues are a great way to do so.

This website offers a range of different monologues for children and teenagers suitable from ages 5 to 19. 

There is also an added page to send in your monologues which offers young writers a chance to get exposure and credit for there work.

All monologues on this page are open to the public to use as long as you do not claim the work to be your own work as I believe the writers deserve credit for their own work.

Monologues for Children

Monologues for children aged 5-12

Both for Males and Females

Genres include: Humorous, Romantique, 

Monologues for Teenagers

Monologues for Teenagers aged 12-19

Both for Males and Females

Genres include: Humorous, Dramatic, Romance 

Monologues performed

Here are just a few monologues that were taped to give you a few ideas on how to perform the monologues