Monologues for kids/Teens

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Monologues for teenagers 12-19

“Being the better person” By Michaela Jones
emotional, Dramatic males/ females aged: 15-19

Pathetic, stupid, lazy, a waste of space. (Pause) Ignorant, Fat, ugly. Should I go on? Not once have you ever said one nice thing about me, you always made fun of my looks, my weight, and my lack of intelligence and now you’re here asking me for help, me of all people. (Pause) Never once have you apologized for constantly bringing me down, constantly making me feel worthless. You have no idea how many times I tried starving myself, how many hours I sat there studying and studying all through the night. How many times I sat in front of the mirror wishing, praying to look different all because of you. Because of your words. And now you’re here asking, pleading for my help. Why should I help you? Why should I feel sorry for you after all that you put me through?

I have no reason to. You never gave me a reason to care; quite frankly I really shouldn't care. But I guess I’m just not like you. And I don’t ever want to become like you. (Pause)But I'll help you. Not because you deserve my help, not because I feel sorry for you but because I know how it feels to feel alone. And even though you were the reason I felt that way, you were the main cause of all my pain and you deserve to know how that feels. I know that no one should feel that way (Pause) not even you.

"Jealousy Kicks in"  By Michaela Jones

Slightly Humorous, Dramatic Females aged: 13-17

Tina is on the phone talking to her best friend Carla about how her crush is taking the new girl to the school dance instead of her.

Tina: I cannot believe her! I mean who the hell does she think she is? She’s been here for what like 5 seconds, Does she seriously think she can just waltz in here, twirl her long, golden hair and pout her lips and everyone drops what they’re doing just to keep her happy? .No It doesn’t work like that, she’s a stuck up little princess. (Pause) Pft, no? I’m not just saying that because Johnny Daniels asked her to the dance when he already asked me, I mean why would I care that she’s going to the dance with the boy I’ve been crushing on for 3 years, because I so don’t. Seriously I don’t.

I mean what does he even see in her anyway… yes she looks like a Victoria secret model, yes she may be super tall and have the perfect body and the perfect hair… and the perfect teeth… and the perfect , everything but who wants to date a Barbie anyway?. But whatever, it’s Johnny’s loss his going to realize how much better I am then her some day and when he does I’ll be waiting to say suck it you had your chance and you blew it by taking a little ignorant, self absorbed princess instead of me… Gosh I hate high school.

"The Son I Never Had"  By Michaela Jones

Dramatic, Sad, Males aged: 14-19
Damien heard his father call his sister’s boyfriend the ‘son he never had’. Damien and his father have never really got along due to their difference in interests and character. Damien was quite offended by the comment his father makes and is expressing his thoughts to himself.

Damien: You’re like the son I never had. (Pause) What could he of meant by that? (Pause) I know I’m not the typical son his always wanted, but how could he say that? So what if I don’t play football or would rather go see a production then watch the ‘game’, I didn’t know there was a rule book into being a son… what ever happened to accepting me for me? I mean I thought the one person who would be able to accept me for me is my own father... I guess I was wrong.

I know dads that stereotypical ‘man’ who has always wanted the jock son but what happened to the unconditional love parents should have for their children? It’s not that I don’t try to live up to his expectations but what’s the point in pretending to be someone I’m not anyway? His never gone and asked me about my interest? Why should I be the one that has to change myself in order to gain acceptance? Why can’t he make an effort to try and understand me? I tried so hard to be who he wants me to be but I can’t anymore I won’t! His never going to accept me anyway so why bother pretending. I’m sick of pretending… Maybe Sarah should just go ahead and marry mark, and then he will get the ‘son he never had’…

“You Understand” By Michaela Jones
Dramatic, Male/Female 14-19

You understand? Yeah right, of course you would say that it’s such a typical thing for a therapist to say. Let’s just cut the crap alright? I’m not stupid, you couldn’t care less about me or my problems all you care about is getting your paycheck at the end of the session. So let’s make it easier on both of us, I’m fine with just sitting here on my phone for an hour a week and you can do whatever it is that you do, then my mum is happy because I’m here and you will be happy because you get your money, now do we have a deal or would you rather just keep playing this fake, sympathetic therapist who pretends to care about her clients and I’ll just go along with being the gullible patient who thinks I finally have someone who wants to help me. Either way you’ll get your money which I understand is what you really want.

"Cold Feet"  By Michaela Jones

romance, slightly humorous, male aged: 14-19
Mark has had a crush on this girl in his class for a while now, he finally thinks it’s time he tells her. Before he does so he confronts his friend to ask him for help.

Mark: No I can’t do it, I thought I could but I can’t. Can’t you be a good mate and do it for me? (Pause) Come on man, I need your help here. I don’t even know what to say to her. I mean she’s so perfect I get cold feet every time I’m near her. (Pause) I don’t know, there’s something about her. It’s the way she plays with her hair when she’s deep in thought or how she always giggles when she’s embarrassed. Everything about her is perfect. She has the power to make my heart race just by looking at me. She’s like no other girl I know she has so much confidence yet she’s not arrogant if you know what i mean... She’s smart, she’s funny, she’s cute but it’s like she doesn’t even know how cute she is which just makes her more cute… she’s just… she's just perfect. (Pause) Shut up! It’s not cheesy it’s just how I feel… Ok, that’s it I’m just going to go through with it, I am going to ask her out I mean what’s the worst that can happen? She rejects me? I can handle that. Ok I’m doing it, wish me luck.